“As far as I am concerned, the entire (Rendlesham Forest) affair and
evidence trail constitutes official, Top Secret confirmation that humanity is dealing
with an intelligence capable of engineering interstellar travel.”
- John F. Burroughs, USAF Tech Sgt. (ret.)
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John Burroughs

USAF Security Police/Retired. A native of Illinois, Burroughs entered the Air Force in 1979 and served over twenty six years in the US Air Force.  He was assigned to RAF Bentwaters in June of 1979 as a law enforcement officer. Around 0300hrs December 26th 1980, Burroughs accompanied SSGT Penniston in an investigation of unusual lights in the Rendlesham Forest adjacent to the base. What began as a routine response to a possible base incursion or accident scene would become the defining episode of Burroughs life.  Subsequent to his encounter with an object of unknown origin, Burroughs's career continued to provide him with training in law enforcement and investigation, which would prove invaluable in his personal investigation of the events in Rendlesham Forest.

On Monday 15 September 2014 John F. Burroughs, USAF Tech Sgt. (ret.) issued a press release asserting the UK's Ministry of Defence is using “bureaucratic double-speak” to claim the MoD has released all of its “UFO files” to the UK National Archive, while withholding the substantive files under a bureaucratic name change trick so that the truly sensitive UFO files remain hidden under the category Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

According to the National Archives web page dated 21 June 2013 they stated they had today released its tenth and final tranche of UFO files, containing 4,400 pages of UFO policy, correspondence and UFO sighting reports covering the final two years of the Ministry of Defence's UFO Desk (from late 2007 until November 2009).

This seeming act of transparency was apparently a ruse, as FOIA requests by Burroughs have revealed two further versions of the truth.

In an initial response the MOD admitted the existence of 6 crucial UFO/UAP public policy papers which have NOT been released. According to that version UFO/UAP Policy papers dating from 1971 through 2004 have been held back. These papers contain the MOD public information policy for over three decades, including a change from the use of the term 'UFO' to 'UAP', in June of 2000.

In response to a follow-up FOIA request, the MOD revised its position to say that they were still maintaining 18 UFO documents as classified.

Nick Pope, Co-Author of the book Encounter in Rendlesham Forest with James Penniston and Burroughs, and former Directorate of Defense Security, Ministry of Defense who's gone on record saying Rendlesham might be the turning point in history that leads to the explanation of the UFO phenomenon" stated this when he learned of Burroughs FOIA discovery.

"I knew for sure that not everything had been released, because by the MOD's own admission, some files/documents had been lost, some destroyed, some redacted and some withheld altogether. Also, material where the information owner is a defense contractor (e.g. some of the Project Condign working papers) is exempt from disclosure altogether, as private companies are outside the scope of the Freedom of Information Act". The bottom line is this: whether it's exempt from the FOIA entirely, withheld/redacted under exemptions to the FOIA, destroyed or lost, some material on Project Condign and on the Rendlesham Forest incident has yet to emerge, and some may never come to light”.

Click here to see John Burroughs press release in full.

“I think given the type of radiation that causes certain biological damage, we're dealing with something exotic, something that serves a purpose that every-day-humans on this Earth have no idea is capable of being done.”  - Pat Frascogna, Esq., representing John Burroughs

“The well-reported Rendlesham Forest/Bentwaters event is an example where it might be postulated that several observers were probably exposed to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) radiation for longer than normal UAP sighting periods.”  - Page F-4, ANNEX F, “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Air Defence Region: Executive Summary, Scientific & Technical Memorandum - No. 55/2/00,” Ministry of Defence, December 2000 Click here to see this report from the MoD in full.

John Burroughs references U. K. document No. 55/2/00 by the Ministry of Defence, December 2000, (link above) that is formally entitled “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Air Defence Region: Executive Summary, Scientific & Technical Memorandum.”

Larry Warren

Larry Warren was a United States Air Force Security Police officer assigned to RAF Bentwaters in December 1980 when he became an eyewitness to one of the events which constitute the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, the UK’s best known and best documented UFO event.

Following his honorable discharge from the Air Force, Warren went on to blow the whistle on the event and is universally credited as being the individual whose courage and actions resulted in the Rendlesham Forest incident’s being made public.

He is co-author of the best selling “Left At East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-up And Investigation” and will be hosting the conference.

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